Lovers - Chris and Valery // Soesterberg Air Base

Im really excited to share this engagement shoot with you! Your engagement photo session will be one of the most exciting parts of your engagement season. I remember how cold it was that day but they did not complain once. Valery might got sick after the shoot ay! These two were a joy to have before my lens and I have never been so comfortable shooting people who are so comfortable being themselves.

So grab a blanket and some coffee, and cozy up with this couple shoot!

Lovers in the Woods - Daan and Marlies // De Lage Vuursche

I have known Marlies for quite a while now and when she slide through my DMMMM (yes thats what she did)
I was so happy to hear that she met Daan and they were planning their wedding in May. I met Marlies when we both did volunteer work for A21 Campaign, an amazing global organisation that fights against human trafficking. After her DM we went for coffee in Utrecht and sat there for 2 hours talking about life and how she met Daan.

Daan and Marlies are that kinda couple that light up a room when they walk in. They got that smile that opens hearts and I love how they adore each other for it. A couple of weeks ago we went for a walk in the woods to capture these lovebirds. Grab a tea or a cold drink and enjoy this artistic and fun love shoot.

Also we might have gotten ran over by a couple of cars while shooting on a long road

Lovers by the Lake - Henty and Sophia // Henschotermeer

I am very excited to share this session with you!
The beautiful Sophia found me on Instagram and flicked me a message that said: I got engaged to the love of my life.

He lives in America, I live in Hilversum. He is coming to the Netherlands in a week from now and we would love to do an engagement shoot. ‘

’You know; these shoots are kind of a big deal in Murica’’.

During the shoot everything felt so natural! I was so surprised that these “strangers” that I was about to meet, already felt like friends.

It’s insane.

The session was filled with jokes, hugs, kisses and lots of joy.

Thank you so much, Henty and Sophia, for trusting me to capture this amazing engagement.

You guys light up every room with your love.

Stay fierce and cute.

I loved that.